If you, or your family member, require pastoral help, please call the church Office at 613-732-9721 to let us know, and we will do our best to meet your need.

Pastoral Care

Every generation is precious to us and to the Lord. We strive to provide support and ministry to the entire family. No one gets left behind!
The PPT Pastoral Care Team relies on information supplied by you. Please do not assume that we are aware of each and every need in our church family. We take the responsibility for family care very seriously and we need timely information in order to respond to your needs.
If you or your loved one, or someone else from our church family, is in one of the area hospitals, please ask the hospital staff to put your or their name in the book for a pastoral visit. As well, please contact the church Office at 732-9721 or email info@pptchurch.com as soon as possible to let us know of the situation. Our Pastoral Care Team is always willing to visit.
Each Monday, we compile a “non-emergency” list of needs from the past week and communicate them to our Pastors, Deacons and the Pastoral Care Team. For urgent needs we are always available.

Retirement & Long-term Care Residences

Our Pastoral Care Team, at all levels, is committed to ensuring that those unable to come to church are treated as family and with well-deserved respect. In addition to our regular visitations we provide our church family members in the various residences with devotions and CDs of our services.



Shut-ins at Home

Church family members that are cared for at home are visited by our Pastoral Care Team as requested.